Tips For Applying Custom Floor Decals

Floor decals are a great way to advertise your business. You can literally lead people to your business's door by creating a train of floor decals with your company's logo on them and other information about your company. You can put them in places where people frequently gather in order to get a ton of eyeballs on your advertising for a very small financial investment. You can even use them to direct business away from the competition. However, in order for floor decals to be truly effective, you need to make sure that you are applying them correctly. Here are some tips for applying floor decals so that they last as long as possible.

1. Clean the Surface

Take time to remove all dust and debris from the surface. If you are outdoors, the best that you can do is simply use a brush to brush off leaves, twigs, pebbles, and loose dirt from the sidewalk. If you are inside, take the extra step to get rid of any oils that might have built up over time by using a bleach cleaning solution. Allow the area to totally dry before attempting to place a decal.

2. Line Up Your Sticker

Use a pencil or a piece of chalk to line up exactly where your sticker is going to go. Line it up perfectly and then draw lines around it so that you have some sort of guidance when you are placing your sticker for real. Be sure that you are not placing the edge of your sticker exactly on any tile lines, cracks in the sidewalk, or joints in the floor. The reason for this is that these are indentations that will make it very easy for people to accidentally pull up your sticker with their shoes as they walk over it. Keeping the edges of the sticker away from indentations will allow you to avoid this.

3. Use a Squeegee for Smoothing

Finally, once you have the sticker lined up, remove the backing and place it on the ground. Do not smooth it with your hands. Instead, take a plastic squeegee and use it to smooth the sticker. Try to get a squeegee that is the same width as the sticker. This will allow you to smooth the sticker down uniformly so that it looks great.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in online custom decals, such as Stickerbeat.