How To Choose The Backing For An Embroidered Patch

When you decide to get embroidered patches with your company's logo, you are likely going to be very excited. You are making a semi-permanent symbol and allowing your company to look more official by having the employees that wear clothes with the patches look more official. However, you might be overwhelmed by the large number of backings that you embroidery company offers. Here are some questions that you can ask yourself in order to make sure that you are getting the best backing possible for your embroidered patch.   

1. Do You Want Your Patch to Be Permanently Attached to the Clothes? 

The first question that you need to ask yourself is what your vision was for the patches. Did you envision your employees wearing them so that each employee has one or two shirts with a patch and that all of the shirts match? Or were you hoping to allow your employees to wear the shirts that they preferred and simply attach a patch to each shirt? 

If your answer was something resembling the latter, then you are going to want to purchase magnet backing for your patches. This is because you can attach and detach magnetic patches easily. In order to use them, each employee will be given a patch and a separate magnet. He or she can attach the patch to his or her shirt by putting the separate magnet on the inside of the shirt and attaching it through the shirt to the patch. This will adhere the patch to the shirt.

You can also get a Velcro backing that will accomplish the same thing although you will have to attach Velcro strips to the shirts before they are used. 

3. What's Your Budget?

If you need to buy a lot of patches or if your budget is very low for patches, then you are going to want to go for a plastic backing. Plastic backing for patches is usually included in your order or does not cost a lot of money. Once the patch is attached to the shirt, it will be attached forever, so this is also a good way to limit the number of shirts that you purchase.

If you have a larger budget and you still want your patches to be permanent, you can get a heat-seal patch back. This type of backing is designed to melt when heat is applied, meaning that you can basically just iron it onto your shirts and have it stick. This type of backing tends to be slightly more expensive.

For more information, talk to an embroidery company (such as embroidery products at Elite Sportswear Awards & Promotional Products).